Our Ministries

We seek to accomplish our Mission through the various ministries of our church.  These ministries allow us to use our God-given gifts to serve God by serving others.  At the same time it gives those within and without the church the opportunity to be ministered to (served) in the area of their need.  Each Christian needs to serve and to be served.  That’s the beauty of the Body of Christ, working together to serve God and serve each other.


Our Core Values are those things that rest at the center of who we are as a denomination and a local church.  Think of them as special points of emphasis that describe who we are and what we consider important.  Our Core Values are that we are Christ-Centered, Bible Based, Evangelical, Spirit-Filled, and Sabbatarian.  For a short explanation of what each of these values mean click here.


As a congregation of the General Conference of the Church of God (7th Day) we subscribe to the Statement of Faith of the General Conference.  The complete statement is available by clicking here.  This Statement of Faith is the work of the ministers of our denomination over the period of many years.  It is an open creed which means that it is open to being changed as our understanding of God and the Bible grows.  We admit that it is imperfect, yet we believe that in the areas it addresses it stays true to the biblical evidence and teaching.

We invite anyone, Christian or non-Christian to attend our services/activities and benefit from our ministries.  We also welcome anyone with a genuine Christian testimony to become involved in church ministries and share the Lord’s Supper with us.  However, membership in our local church carries the following requirements.

1) The individual must be a water-baptized disciple of Jesus Christ

2) The individual must believe that God’s commandments are to be kept today

3) The individual must reside in the United States or Canada (we have sister denominations in other nations)

4) The individual must undergo an application process through the General Conference via our local church.

To learn more about church membership please contact us.