Everyone who has placed their faith in Jesus and is following Him is a member of the Body of Christ.  But in order to follow Jesus we join together in local groups of Christians to worship God, disciple one another, put love in action, and share the gospel message.   

Becoming a part of a local church is necessary; there are no lone ranger Christians.  Jesus didn’t call us to follow Him alone.  Instead, He called us to follow Him with a group of other followers who could support us, care for us, hold us accountable, and be in genuine relationships.  God has adopted us and made us part of a family.   

Becoming a member of Eugene Church of God means committing to this family.  It means committing that we’ll be there for each other and others will be there for us.  It means being dedicated to sharing the gospel, worshiping God, discipling one another, and loving one another, in this place, at this time, with this group of people.   

Membership is a big commitment, but it’s open to anyone who has placed their faith in Christ and been baptized and is willing to be a part of our community.   

If you want more information about membership, email Pastor Michael here