Welcome to our Year of Bible Literacy 2019

Starting January 1st, we embarked on a journey to read through the word through 2019. We invite you to explore what Year of Biblical Literacy has to offer as an initiative to engage in Scripture so that we may understand and experience the presence, character, and way of Jesus.


Why The Bible?

When we look at the Bible, we ask the question, “Why these stories? Why these people?”  Why would God chose to tell His story through us? We believe that the Scriptures is God revealing to us His character and nature and therefore, knowing and responding to the Bible is vastly important.

Biblical literacy has fallen and the Year of Biblical Literacy is designed to guide us through the practice of reading the Bible, a practice that our generation has regarded as too difficult. It’s easy to get started! Check out the Explore section below!



There are three resources available to you throughout the year. On a weekly basis, you will need to access the daily reading plan via our cards and/or the Read Scripture app as well as the wonderful companion videos that Read Scripture has to offer. We will also have topical sermons to help guide your year.

Note: You don't have to wait until January 1st to begin your Year of Biblical Literacy. Regardless of when you begin, you always have the choice of starting at the beginning with Genesis 1 or picking up where the reading plan is currently at in the year. Do whatever is best for you, stick with it, and be encouraged that there are many others participating in this as well.

And there you have it! You're ready to embark on your year. May it be transformative and life giving!