Core Values

We hold the following as Core Values and guiding principles of  our church:


Is an act which expresses appreciation, awe, Lordship, – Expressing gratitude and praise toward God. – Directing our thoughts and actions towards God for the purpose of His glory.

Spirit Formed

The Bible exhorts us to be “filled with the Spirit at all times”. We are to seek to empty ourselves and ask God to fill us with Him and with the power of His Spirit. We are to wait on God so that He can lead us in the direction of His plan for our lives and our community.

Family Faith

A faith that is shared with the family – biological or spiritual family inclusive to anyone I come in contact with is my community and much more, a part of my family. What we come together to do as the church on Sabbath is intended to communicate and establish our heritage as it is lived out and taught daily in the home and life. Parents are to take the lead in discipling their children. As members of this (crowd) greater family, we are involved in one another’s lives throughout the week, supporting one another, ministering alongside one another, and growing spiritually together. As a community we are to serve as evidence of the eternal Kingdom.


Intentional Spiritual Growth

Is the act of reading, meditating, and prayer communications with God seeking understanding, wisdom, and asking for change in this world. It is to learn more of how God would have me to live. – Growing spiritually is a priority. It is something that we make a conscious decision to do on a daily basis. This includes prayer and Bible study seeking God (“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”) It is the conscious communication with God asking for change in this world recognizing that prayer is the Breath of the soul, as important to our spiritual life as breathing in oxygen is for our physical life.


The act of telling people around us about Jesus, the good news of the Kingdom of God, and how Jesus has changed my life, implying that He can change their lives in a very good way!

Resource Investment

We realize that everything we have is a gift from God, and so we use those things (our time, talents, possessions, finances) to accomplish our purpose.

Biblical Authority

The inspired word of God used to instruct and guide our everyday lives. The Bible is our primary source for learning truths about God and how we are to connect with Him.